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How to Set Up a Camera to Stream an Event
How to Set Up a Camera to Stream an Event
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Admin or streamer permission is required to set up a camera.

NOTE: For Pixellot camera support, click here. For setting up a GoPro camera, click here.

The necessary equipment to stream with a camera is:

  • A camera with video outport (recommended). Most current cameras have an outport, like HDMI, Micro HDMI, or USB-C.

  • A video capture device, also known as Capture Card.

  • An SDI or HDMI cord that connects the camera to the Capture Card.

  • A thunderbolt or USB Card that connects the Capture Card to the computer.

  • Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot connections.

To set up the camera:

  1. Download OBS to a computer.

  2. Open the OBS application.

  3. Connect the camera to the capture card, and the capture card to the computer.

  4. In the OBS application, under Sources, click the + icon > Video Capture Device.

  5. Ensure Create new is checked and enter the name for the device (e.g., Camera Stream).

  6. Click Ok.

  7. At the Device dropdown, select the capture card.

  8. Click Ok.

Once the camera is set up, create your event stream following these steps.

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