Types of Permissions
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Within a team, there are two types of permissions granted under the Team Info page.

  • Admins: Designed for coaches or team managers, is the highest access within the team, including adding members and streamer access. No subscription is needed to be an Admin of a team.

  • Other Members: Allows users to view the team schedules, streams, and upload their own videos. It is designed for players, family members, friends, etc. This user, if subscribing, can view past streams, highlights, and highlight tapes. If not subscribing, can view only free live events. Other Members can also be granted streamer access if desired.

The streamer access is separate from the other permissions and is set under Live Stream page > Streamers tab. The streamer permission allows the user to create, edit, and view stream details. The streamer can also edit the streaming permission for other members.

Viewers can only view free streams or according to subscription, by a shared link, SportsEngine Play or streaming widget on a website. These are users with their own accounts that are not part of the team as other members or admin.

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