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How to Record Games With a Mobile Device
How to Record Games With a Mobile Device
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Admin or Streamer permission is required to stream.

This functionality allows video recording through the mobile app without live streaming. The recording will upload automatically once the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Tap your profile icon > Storage and toggle the Mobile network uploads to allow video upload while on a cellular network.

  1. Download, sign up, or log in to the app.

  2. Tap Streams.

  3. Select the desired team from the team dropdown at the top of the screen.

  4. Locate and tap the stream title > Record for a scheduled stream.

  5. Tap Quick Record or the + icon > Quick Record for an unscheduled stream.

  6. Permissions must be enabled if this is the first stream from the device.

    • Tap Enable Microphone > Allow, tap Enable Camera > Allow, and tap Enable Notifications > Allow.

  7. Select the Video quality and toggle Silent Recording as desired.

    • This impacts the file size and upload time.

  8. Tap Continue.

  9. When ready to record, tap the red circle.

  10. You may pause the recording by tapping End > Pause Recording.

    • When paused, press the play icon to resume recording.

  11. When finished recording, tap End > Finish Recording.

  12. If the recording is from an unscheduled stream, fill out the event information and, when finished, tap Upload the Event.

  13. Once the upload is complete, the recording will be available.

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