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How to Download Event Video or Highlight
How to Download Event Video or Highlight
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You must have Admin permissions or have an All-Access subscription plan to download replays.

  1. Log in to the website.

  2. To search for a replay, at the top of the page, use the search bar to enter the event name.

  3. Click the profile icon > My Highlights to search for a highlight.

  4. Locate the desired stream or highlight video and, from the upper right corner, click the three dots icon > Download Video.

    • The download starts automatically.

  5. If you need to upgrade your subscription plan, click Upgrade.

  6. Select the desired plan and click Next.

  7. Select the billing cycle and click Next.

  8. Enter the payment information or use the existing card, then click Next.

  9. Review the order and check the box to agree to the Terms of Use.

  10. Click Confirm Payment.

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