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What are Channels, Categories, and Shows?
What are Channels, Categories, and Shows?
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Sports Organizations, such as schools, school districts, private clubs, etc., can join SportsEngine Play and create their own channels. An organization can also have team—and/or tournament-specific channels.

A Channel can be specific to a sports organization, team, or tournament, grouping all their live streams and replays in one place. It can be private or public, listed or unlisted, and managed by the organization's admin. Click here to learn more about Channel Statuses. Follow a channel to keep up with all your favorite streams!

A Category functions like a channel, but instead of being organization, team, or tournament-specific, it focuses on a theme, such as Basketball, Softball, Drills, etc. It automatically groups all available streams within the theme.

Shows are managed by SportsEngine and can be viewed live or on-demand (replay). Each show has multiple episodes with a specific theme. Follow your favorite show, and don't miss any new episodes!

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