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Devices and Streaming FAQ
Devices and Streaming FAQ
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What is SportsEngine Play?

SportsEngine Play is a streaming service for sports organizations to stream games and events. Follow a team or channel to be up to date with all your streams!

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Does SportsEngine Play offer a trial subscription?

Yes! All subscription packages offer a free 7-day trial. You will not be charged if you cancel the subscription any time before the 7 days.

After the free trial, your subscription will renew according to the selected package plan and frequency charge.

Where can I watch?

SportsEngine Play is viewable on any desktop browser or mobile browser.

What can I watch?

You can watch streams of games and events of your teams and organizations or follow a specific category per sport to watch your favorite streams!

Why can't I watch certain streams?

Any user can view a Public stream without following the team channel. However, private teams require admin approval for the following request; only approved users will have access. Click here to view the steps for following a channel.

Team Admins will have access to all their team's streamings.

What is the difference between streams and replays?

A stream is a game or event happening live. Once the stream is over, it is called a Replay to be watched on-demand.

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