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How to Stream With a Mobile Device
How to Stream With a Mobile Device
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Admin or Streamer permission is required to stream.

  1. Download, sign up, or log in to the app.

  2. Tap Streams.

  3. Select the desired team from the team dropdown at the top of the screen.

  4. Scheduled Streams appear within the Schedule tab.

  5. Locate and tap the desired stream.

  6. Tap Start Streaming.

  7. Permissions must be enabled if this is the first stream from the device.

    • Tap Enable Microphone > Allow, tap Enable Camera > Allow, and tap Enable Notifications > Allow.

  8. Ensure all the streaming information is correct, including how the score will be tracked.

  9. To share the live stream link, tap Share this Livestream or Copy.

  10. Tap Continue.

  11. Turn your phone to landscape mode.

    • Viewers have the best viewing experience and can easily display the stream on their TV or computer screen when a film is in landscape mode.

  12. Tap Start.

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