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How to Score Automatically With a Scorebird Device
How to Score Automatically With a Scorebird Device
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The Scorebird device connects to the scoreboard at the facility and automatically tracks the score and period of the game. It saves time and creates a smooth experience for viewers as if they are watching a network TV Sports event.

The device consists of two parts: the Scorebird Nest and the digital widget. The Nest is placed into the Score Board at the facility and transfers information to the widget. The device can be added upon creation of or editing to a stream only before the streaming starts.

To set up the Scorebird device for the broadcast overlay, use the Livestream form to enter the facility's 5-digit Network Scoring Transmitter Number (NeST). The number is found on the back of the NeST, or on the Scorebird’s admin app by selecting the devices and facility. This generates and automatically populates a broadcast overlay in the streaming.

How to Unlink the Scorebird Device

  1. Tap Streams to navigate to the Schedule tab.

  2. At the top of the screen, select the desired team using the team dropdown.

  3. Locate and tap the desired stream.

  4. Tap Edit.

  5. Remove the "Scorebird Device Number."

  6. Tap Save.

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