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What is the Livestream Form?
What is the Livestream Form?
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The Livestream form contains the details and settings for the upcoming stream.

Mandatory fields are noted with a "*".

  1. Your Team* – Cannot be edited, so be sure to select the correct team.

  2. Date and time selection* – Enter the date and start time of the event.

  3. Stream Duration* - Select the duration of the stream.

  4. Title* – Enter the name of the event.

  5. Opponent - Enter the opponent's name, if applicable.

  6. Streaming Device* – If this information is not available at the time of streaming, select any option and edit it when known. A URL field is displayed when selecting YouTube, External Stream, or YouTube/M3U8 Restream. A camera selection field is displayed when selecting Other Hardware Camera.

  7. Public Postgame - Determines if the public may still view the stream after the live stream is over. Yes leaves the stream up for all viewers on the website, and No restricts access to team members and approved users.

  8. Who to remind* – The selected streamer is notified by email to remind them to start the event.

  9. Scorebird device – Enter the 5-digit code of the Scorebird device if not manually scoring.

  10. Thumbnail – The thumbnail is attached to the stream in the app but is not visible to viewers. We recommend attaching a thumbnail to easily locate the stream on the Replays page.

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