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Overview of Viewing Video Options
Overview of Viewing Video Options
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  1. Network Connection Button - View Network Strength for you, streamer, and SportsEngine Play. It's only visible on live streams.

  2. Share Button - Click to view video link share options. On Replays, it is located under the three dots icon.

  3. Ellipsis Button - Click to view:

    • Bookmark Button - Click to bookmark the video in your account.

    • Report video - Click to report inappropriate content on the current video.

    • Download Button - Click to download the current video. Available on Replays and Highlights only.

  4. Clipping button - Click to clip highlight videos.

  5. Volume button - Click to control the volume of the stream.

  6. Timer - View the time of the video.

  7. Scroll for Details - Click to view stream information.

  8. Reaction button - Click to select an emoji reaction to send on the stream.

  9. Mini Player button - Open the mini player viewing screen to continue to watch the content while browsing.

  10. Full-screen button - Expand the stream view to full-screen on your device.

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