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When streaming live with a mobile device, the screen displays as below:

  1. End: Tapping End gives the choice to end or pause the streaming displays. When finished, the stream automatically saves to the account.

  2. Event Title: The "Event Title" pulls from the Livestream form.

  3. Quality: The quality of the stream is displayed according to the device's connection and adjusts based on the speed, minimizing buffering and downtime.

  4. Chat: Tap the Chat Bubble to view any messages sent by viewers. When new messages were sent, a notification number appears in the bubble.

    • App notifications have to be ON to get the chat messages.

    • Messages are preset options referring to streaming settings.

  5. Manual Score and Time Keeping: When using the Manually Score Submission (MSS) option, this widget appears only to the streamer. To edit the team's scores and period of the game, tap the Arrows.

    • This widget is not visible if using a Scorebird device.

  6. Highlights: Tap the Scissors icon to clip the previous 12 seconds as a highlight directly from the stream.

  7. Scoreboard: Displays to streamers and viewers, automatically adjusting to the score and timekeeping.

    • When using a Scorebird device, the broadcast overlay automatically updates and displays accordingly.

  8. Viewers - The number of individuals accessing the stream.

  9. Zoom: Tap the Zoom icon while streaming to increase/decrease up to 5 times.

  10. Share: Tap the Share icon to send the streaming link utilizing the mobile devices' share options.

  11. Microphone: By default, a stream is not muted. While streaming, tap the Microphone icon to mute. The stream can be unmuted by tapping the same icon.

  12. Pause/Play: Tap either Pause or Play to start or stop streaming. When the stream is paused, the play button will be available, and vice versa.

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